Time stamp for Notes

This is a very minor bug for me, not urgent, but other users may find it more important.

I noticed that the time metadata displayed in the List view and in the Note header is not my local day/datetime.
See screenshot, the two notes marked, I created those on Saturday 6-Feb at approximately 2pm ET time (UTC -5), while Relanote displays Sunday 6-Feb, with no indication of time zone/UTC.

I’m personally not interested in precise time with me notes, but I certainly know a lot of people who are compulsive about accurate timekeeping, and this bug report is for them :face_with_monocle:

Appreciate for spotting this! The team will have a look!

@tanju - Can you please try once again and see if the problem persists?

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I created two new notes, one today and one yesterday. They appear good and the dates display currently.

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