Release #9/2023: We have launched two powerful AI Research tools

I’m excited to share some great news with you! We’ve developed two new AI research tools that we think you’ll find incredibly useful.

Firstly, let me introduce you to Relanote’s graph-based question and answer AI Research Tool, powered by OpenAI’s API. This tool is designed to make your topic research easier within the Relanote platform. You can access the tool by clicking on the ‘AI Research Tool’ menu item in the left navigation bar.

With this tool, you can explore any subject using a simple question and answer format. Just ask a question, and the OpenAI API will provide an answer and suggest related questions. You can click on these suggestions to find more answers and follow-up questions. This approach breaks down complex topics into manageable units of questions and answers, simplifying your research process. And if you want to save your findings, you can easily export all the questions and answers to a note by clicking the export icon.

Secondly, we’ve integrated an AI assistant into our note-taking app. You can access it by clicking the AI icon in the top right of the editor toolbox. It allows you to ask OpenAI any question within a specific block, and it will provide the answer along with related questions. This feature is a powerful tool for building your knowledge base on any topic you’re interested in. You can also paste an article into a block and choose questions that you would like answered by AI, from within that article.

I want to mention that it takes some time for the API to send the response back (so please be patient), but we don’t have any way to improve this speed now as we are using an external API.

Also, please note that free users have a daily limit of 10 free questions, while pro users have a limit of 100 free questions per day. Once you reach these limits, you’ll be prompted to enter your own OpenAI key. Getting the key is simple and free. Just sign up for an OpenAI account at OpenAI API to acquire your key and continue enjoying the research capabilities of Relanote’s AI tool.

Your feedback and suggestions are always valuable to us. If you have any, please feel free to share them here on our forum.