Release #6 of 2023

We have been pushing changes every two weeks on average so far in 2023. Many of these changes are not visible to you, the user as they are made to our back-end or to our infrastructure. We continue to invest in making our app more robust, and are continuously adding capabilities to scale the app by making our back-end more modular. So please bear that in mind when you don’t see many new product features in these release notes.

In this release we pushed the below improvements:

  1. Improved look of shared notes (public and private) and added left side navigation and links. We have added three types of links here:
  • Internal links (links to blocks within a note)
  • Links (links to other notes)
  • References (Links from other notes)

Check out the demo here - Relanote

  1. Note editor guide. Some users asked us for a guide on how to use the note editor. This has been added to Quick start notes. You can also see it here - Relanote

  2. Back-end performance and speed optimization. We have improved the overall rendering speed of the app.

We continue to make progress on the Chrome extension which should take a few more weeks to roll out.