Release #4 of 2023

We continue to innovate at a rapid pace. Here are the features we launched this week:

  1. Export all your notes and related data in text, html and markdown formats and export all your images, documents and audio files in zip format. You can access this tool by clicking on Backup/Export in the left menu.

  2. Floating note editor tool. Now when you edit long notes, you won’t need to scroll up and down for formatting your text or using any of the 20 tools we have available in our note editor. The tool bar will appear as soon as you click on the text you need to format.

  3. Added Apple Pay and Google Pay Stripe integrations. You can now subscribe using either of these payment methods.

  4. Search by content inside note. Earlier you could just search notes by title or tags. Now you will be able to search for text that’s inside your notes as well.

  5. Embed external videos and audio. You will now be able to embed video/audio from these sources:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion

Note: The embedded media will only play in the note in viewing mode, not in editing mode.

  1. Other minor enhancements and fixes like:
  • Added breadcrumbs to note for better navigation
  • Add to-do list as one of the tools in the note editor
  • Added sub-bullets like a, b, c and i, ii, iii
  • Fixed link editing bug
  • Fixed Cyrillic letters issue