Release #2 of 2023

Today we released some more changes to the Relanote app:

  1. Encrypted backup file: Now users will be able to export the backup zip file, but it will be encrypted with a password. Users will not be able to open or view the contents of the file, but the will still be able to import it back into Relanote. The file will automatically be decrypted on import. Remember that Import will erase all your data and replace it with data from the backup file, so use this feature with caution!

Note: We are working on an export option so users will be able to export their notes in plain text/markdown format.

  1. Block id’s: Each block now has an individual id#. Users can link to these blocks from within the note. So if you have a long article, you can create an index in the first block and link to all the other blocks from this index using block id’s.

Note: We are working on functionality where users will be able to link to blocks from other notes using block id’s.

  1. Improved graph-view graphics

  2. Made references visible in public notes

  3. Recover all deleted notes of a deleted notebook, if that notebook is recovered by the user

  4. Various minor changes like fixing the change subscription button, adding indentation to edit menu, removing bolding from blockquotes, removing redundant graph-view shortcuts, padding on login page on small screens etc.