Release #10/2023: We have launched two additional AI tools

We are delighted to share the exciting news that we have incorporated two additional powerful AI tools, based on OpenAI, into our platform.

  1. Content Generation: We are thrilled to introduce the ability for users to generate content directly within Relanote. This feature can be accessed in two ways: from within a note or through the AI tools section in the left menu bar.
  2. Content Summarization: We are pleased to offer users the capability to summarize extensive blocks of content using AI. Similar to content generation, this tool can be accessed either within a note or through the AI tools menu. It can prove to be immensely valuable, particularly for students or when dealing with substantial amounts of textual information.

Moreover, in response to user feedback, we have expanded the range of supported file types for attachments. Alongside PDF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG files, users can now attach Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, TXT, GIF, and SVG files to their notes. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and versatility when working with various file formats.

As usual, please feel free to send us your feedback and post any feature requests to this forum.