Relanote has a new owner


My name is Ameet J. Arurkar, and I founded Ubidesk LLC. I’m pleased to announce that we have acquired Relanote. Effective 5/12/2022, Ubidesk is the new owner and manager of the Relanote app. I would like to thank Stan, Kamen, and the rest of the Promotino team for developing this awesome note-taking app and getting it this far. We have big shoes to fill.

So why did we acquire Relanote? I was very impressed with the product and the development team. I feel like Relanote has a lot of potential, but it needs further investment in terms of product development and engineering. I am deeply passionate about organizing my life, arranging my thoughts and building my personal knowledge base (aka second brain) using the Zettelkasten method of note-taking, and I think that Relanote is a great tool for this.

Having said that, Relanote (in its current form) needs a lot of work to get it to a place where our users can use it as their only note-taking and knowledge organization app. I am willing to make the required investment in developing Relanote and making the product world-class. My belief in the product and its potential, and in my team’s ability to take it from a boutique app used by a few thousand users to a mainstream app used by millions of users, is the reason I invested in Relanote.

We are now working on developing a new roadmap for the product, based on feature requests from our users, and we look forward to making the Relanote app best-in-class among note-taking apps of our genre. We will update the roadmap page soon.

All paid subscribers will continue to have access to their Pro account until the end of their subscription period. When their current subscription ends, they will be asked to update their credit card on file with Ubidesk’s payment processor, Stripe.

In the meantime, please reach out to us at [email protected] if you need help with anything. I’m looking forward to connecting with you, and thank you all for your support!