New release to Relanote app - Revamped dashboard, resizable screens, new widgets and more

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update for the Relanote app. Check out the exciting changes we’ve made:

  1. Responding to a user’s request (WD Samar), we’ve implemented a feature to highlight linked nodes when clicked in the graph.

  2. We’ve revamped the left navigation menu by streamlining it and relocating items such as Notebooks, Calendar, Graph, Media Center, Tags, and Recent Notes to dashboard widgets for easier access.

  3. The split dashboard screens are now more versatile and user-friendly. You can effortlessly adjust them by clicking on the center vertical bar to resize or collapse screens according to your preference.

  4. We’ve relocated the usage widget in the dashboard to the bottom of the left navigation for improved organization and accessibility.

  5. Stay organized with our new feature that displays recent notes categorized by month, helping you quickly locate your most recent entries. When you hover over a recent note, you will see a preview of it’s contents.

  6. Now, you can conveniently delete or share notes directly from the recent notes widget, enhancing efficiency and workflow management.

We hope you like these enhancements in our latest release. Please let us know your feedback, and send us any feature requests you might have or post them to this forum.