New features released

Hi Relanote users,

We have released the following updates:

  1. You can now log into Relanote with your Google or Facebook (Meta) account. If your Google/FB account email matches your existing Relanote account email, you can use either of them to login. New users will also be able to register for Relanote using their Google/FB login.
  2. You can customize your graph views and save or reset your view.
  3. You can sign up for our newly created monthly subscription plan (we only had the annual subscription option before).

We are also working on several new features such as enhanced text editor, media center for managing images and file attachments, multiple storage options etc. and will be releasing them over the coming months.

Please let us know your feedback, and post any feature requests you might have here - Feature Requests - Relanote or any bugs you might come across here - Bug reports - Relanote