More new features being released this week

We are excited to announce new changes to the Relanote app that are being pushed live this week!

  1. Added Notebooks so users don’t have to rely on just Categories for classification. Now users will be able to create multiple notebooks, and visualize and filter their notes by notebook in graph view.
  2. Created Sharing Center for managing permissions and users for notebooks and notes shared by you, and opting out of notebooks/notes shared with you by other users.
  3. Added the ability to delete tags.
  4. Subscription management improved by adding Invoices and letting users cancel/resume their subscription.
  5. Added table to note editor so users can add tables into their notes and manage the look and feel of these tables.

As usual, please let us know your feedback, and post any feature requests you might have here - Feature Requests - Relanote , or any bugs that you might come across here - Bug reports - Relanote