Mobile Browser Quirks/bugs?

Hi Everyone,
Is anyone experiencing mild quirks or bugs using Relanote on mobile browsers?

Things like, creating a new note in the body of a note with the ‘@x…’ functionality or note saves getting hung up?

I switch between iOS and Android a lot as well as between Safari browsers and mobile Firefox… so I’m not even sure if my experience is consistent across all of them.
Curious if anyone else experiencing quirks? before I take them time to document the details of my experience, which at this time I would categorize as mild annoyance…

Also forgot to add that it seems like mobile keyboards with their autocorrect and predictive capabilities cause some weird quirks on Relanote on mobile browsers, especially when trying to use the inline @ functionality

I don’t experience the same on my Windows laptop… and I would characterize that desktop typing is ‘less advanced’ than ‘mobile typing’… if that makes any sense?

Hi, sorry for the late late reply. It is possible for the problem to occur and will be fixed when we rebuild the editor.

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