Mobile browser functionality

I’m finding that Relanote is working well on mobile browsers: Safari broswer on an iPad Air2 and Firefox on Android Samsung S7 phone.

I was keen on seeing Relanote release mobile apps but I think that the mobile browsers are working good enough right now.
I created shortcuts “add to home” button on browser/platform and it almost feels like a native app.
The only drawback is no offline option

We are still working on releasing the mobile apps. I can send an invite for beta testing, once we are ready. Would you prefer one over the other or you would like to test both iOS and Android?

I would prefer to start with an Android mobile app beta as that is my mobile phone and my main interest in an app is portability to capture notes while I am out.

But I do also have an iPad that I mainly use in the evenings at home and open to beta testing that as well.


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