Increase time for Long-Press on mobile

Hello Relanote Team,
Can you increase the “Long Press” for new notes on mobile by approximately 1-2 seconds?

As my graph grows, I am finding it increasingly difficult to navigate graph view on mobile using pinch to zoom and swipe to pan as the app keeps interpreting those gestures as a long press and creating new notes. All three of these gestures require touching an empty area of the graph

I am facing same experience on both a Samsung Galaxy/Android mobile phone and an iPad tablet, both running Firefox browser.
Thanks again for considering this,


@tanju can you please check if it is okay now?

Hi @stan, sorry for the delayed reply, the past week has felt like all of 2020 compressed into a few days :grimacing:

The long press is much improved. I checked both Android and iOS. It could probably use another 0.5 second delay, but I don’t think you need to adjust it now unless other people raise complaints.

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