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I’m not sure if this is bug or a feature request but it seems like a bug.
After I created my third category, when I navigate to the Graph View page it loads up completely blank. It was confusing at first until it occurred to me to select a category from the drop-down and then its graph will render.
After that when I clear the dropdown, the page will reload zoomed out showing 4 graphs, one for each category. See attached collage of screenshots of the sequence that I just described.
I’m seeing this behavior on both PC and mobile browsers.

Ideally I could choose a default category to render when I first load the Graph View.

Just passing on an update. After creating a bunch more notes I decided not to use categories. I deleted all my categories and only two remain: uncategorized and demo. The Graph View still loads up blank until I choose a category from the drop down.

Hi another update, the Graph View is now displaying the graphs when I navigate to the page.
I only have the two categories mentioned in my previous update.

This should have been fixed by now. Can you please check and confirm?

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Hi Stan, the Graph View is working now :+1:t3:

When I navigate to the Graph View it shows all notes and graphs. Screenshot attached.
I also created a third category for a test with a few notes and everything is working the way I would expected.

Awesome, moving this thread to the fixed bugs! :slight_smile:

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