Edit or delete #Tag functionality

I’m not seeing any way to edit or delete #tags. Is this possible? otherwise submitting this as a feature enhancement request.

For Edit functionality:
I want to edit/revise an existing tag and all notes that contain that tag will be automatically updated.
For example I have a tag that starts with an emoji, like this “#:fairy:‍♀muse”, and have many notes that contain it. Over time it has become increasingly cumbersome to pull up the emoji keyboard to get the first character so that the tag drop-down displays. Instead I want to edit my existing tag to have the emoji at the end: “#muse​:fairy:‍♀”, and have that change propagate to all existing instances automatically

For Delete Tag functionality:
I want to delete tags that I have accidentally created, usually a typo, or that are no longer relevant in my tagging system. I don’t want to see them in the tag list when I search by tag