Date tag for searching/filtering

It would be very useful to have a date tag that would allow searching and filtering, not only on the specified dates, but also aggregate searches/filterings on month, year and maybe even weekdays.

Relanote looks extremely promising. I’m looking forward to new features and apps!


I also think that it would be useful to be able to search or filter by date.
In the meantime, I think a work-around would be to manually create your own date tag using the # symbol in every note… like #20201229 or #29dec20, etc, however it might be difficult to use a consistent date format every time, especially when in a hurry.


Also, it might be useful with an option to specify a date (e.g. #2020/12/30) OR a date interval (e.g. #2020/12/01-2020/12/31).

And perhaps the accepted date format should be a global setting, since date formats varies greatly from country to country.

@RuneJ welcome and thanks for the suggestion!
@tanju yeah, your workaround is what I’m personally using at the moment. The only difference is that I have tag for each week - #week52 and etc.

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